Our volunteers are an integral part of the programs we offer to residents; improving the quality of life for the seniors who live here.

If you are interested in developing new skills, sharing your talents with others and making new friends, please contact Emily at 778-945-7087!

Some of the ways you can help:

Volunteer Opportunities

Uplifting Cards & Letters, or Pictures to Seniors

Many seniors don’t get any special letters or cards on special holidays or even regular days. This volunteer position asks you to write a letter or card to a senior you are assigned too, sometimes they may even write back! You can email your letter or pictures if you prefer and we will print it and put it on their door or mailbox.

Grocery delivery to residents

Some residents don’t have family members or anyone nearby to help them out. Sometimes they like having small creature comforts such as treats or frozen pizzas to cook on their own. Some even cook their own meals here still so require groceries be delivered. If you would like to be a part of the grocery delivery program contact us for more details.

Entertainment videos or live performances via zoom

Any kind of instrumental performances are always appreciated, some volunteers performed outside of the building or virtually by zoom

Let’s Get Creative!

Do you bake? Craft? Talented with Florals or Plants? We have lots of volunteers with special skills unique to them that allows them to create their own position! We have one volunteer who loves to make gift baskets so she makes us two a month and generously donates them. Contact us if you have a great idea or would like to do something similar as our residents never get tired of prize draws