Supportive Housing

Included in the monthly rate are 3 meals per day, weekly housekeeping/laundry service, 24-hour access to care staff, recreation programs, cable, heat, electricity and basic maintenance services (sink & toilet plugs etc). Other services are available at a cost.

Priority will be given to seniors who meet the requirements of:

  1. Seniors.
  2. Pass a pre-occupancy interview to ensure that Seton Villa is able to provide the care services needed.

Seniors who are receiving Shelter Aid for Elderly Renters (SAFER ) from BC Housing could continue to receive the SAFER at Seton Villa. Seniors who are receiving home support from Fraser Health may have those services transferred to Seton Villa as they move in. For those whose health conditions change while living at Seton Villa, private pay care services may be arranged until assessments are conducted by Fraser Health. If you are already receiving subsidy from Fraser Health and your care needs change while living at Seton Villa, an assessment will be conducted by Fraser Health. Additional care will need to be approved by Fraser Health.

Due to our building structure, we cannot accommodate seniors who require mechanical lifts or wheelchairs.

If you are interested in moving to Seton Villa or attending a tour, contact us at (604) 291-0607. We would be happy to send you an information package, or you can download the Seton Villa Information Package here.
When considering submitting an application, please plan to be ready to move in within three months of submission. After three months, you will need to reapply and submit a new application package.