Fine Dining

Dining and Nutrition

As we get older, our nutritional needs change. That’s why the dining options at Seton Villa Retirement Centre are designed with senior nutrition in mind. Our Chef’s balance taste, nutrition, with high end quality food ingredients every day.

We’re more than happy to squash the myth of bland and boring food at retirement residences. Our talented culinary team thrive on creating a daily array of menu choices that are full of flavour and variety to meet the required needs of our residents.

Our Executive Chef Stephen Graham (CCC) came from high-end hotels, Corporate Casual Dining Restaurants, and is retired Food Service Officer Veteran. He has trained with Chefs all over the world. You’ll see his passion for food and hospitality come through in the delicious food his culinary team prepare every day.

Menu options don’t come down in a cookie-cutter approach. The Executive Chef and the culinary teams plan, prep and create their menu options from scratch to fit the tastes of their unique communities. Menus are designed around whole grains, fresh produce, and the right amount of protein and plenty of nutrients. 

In addition to regular well-balanced foods, we’re pleased to offer portion-controlled entrees which are low in sodium, saturated fat and concentrated sugars.

Bon Appétit!