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Seton Villa is committed to providing affordable housing for low income seniors (65+) in a way that maximizes their independence, and prevents the trauma associated with having to move to another facility. Concepts inherent in our vision include: respect, safety, trust, quality, sustainability and caring.

ACTION LINE HOUSING SOCIETY provides affordable housing and support services to seniors in a way that facilitates living independently for as long as possible.



We believe that independence is best fostered in a supportive environment, where seniors live in their own home within the community that is Seton Villa, as well as within the larger community. Residents enjoy the same rights, privacy and independence that they enjoyed before moving to Seton Villa. Our role as staff is to respect and facilitate resident self-determination and autonomy. We are guests in a resident's home, and as such function as we would when we are invited into anyone's home. 

Aging is seen as a normal part of life, and our focus is on the principles of wellness and capabilities, rather than illness and disabilities.           

Services provided at Seton Villa focus on empowering residents to be as independent as possible. Emphasis is placed on a resident’s capabilities, needs and preferences. The primary goal of Seton Villa is to assist residents to attain the best possible level of well being consistent with their preference and lifestyle.        



1.  to provide housing that is affordable for low income seniors

2.  to create a living environment that encourages healthy aging, independence and self determination

3.  to foster a sense of community within our housing project


Vision, Mission and Values

The vision of ALHS at Seton Villa is to provide healthy and affordable community living for seniors. We believe seniors should have access to services that are appropriate to their needs, which promote the involvement and the responsibility of the individual, the family or responsible party, and the community in order to maximize personal independence.

Values inherent in our vision include: respect, safety, trust, quality, sustainability and caring.

We believe in:

• The uniqueness, dignity, self-respect and self-determination and worth of the individual.

• The promotion of personal and functional independence and a meaningful life style.

• The need of each individual for meaningful communication and social interaction.

• Participation and involvement of the individual in decisions affecting him/ her as a member of the community