Types of Suites & Rates


Seton Villa offers a number of suites and suite sizes ranging from studio suites to 1-bedroom suites.  Some suites have full kitchens.  All suites have their own bathrooms.  The superlative views from every suite are a bonus.

All suites are unfurnished for you to furnish it as you would any apartment. All suites have emergency call systems which residents may use to summon help in the event of an emergency.

Seton Villa is registered with the Assisted Living Registrar of B.C. but is not a long-term care or complex care facility. We have 217 suites of various sizes, ranging from 216 to 648 square feet. Preference is given to residents living at Seton Villa for any suite that becomes available, if a change in suite size or location is desired. All residents benefit from the peace of mind and security with 24-hour staffing.

All rates include:

  • 3 meals per day
  • Weekly housekeeping
  • Weekly laundry (flat linens/1 personal load)
  • 24-hour care staff
  • Recreation programs
  • Utilities
  • Cablevision
  • Maintenance services (sink, toilet, etc.)

Washing machines and dryers are available for residents who may wish to do their own personal laundry for a fee.

Rate Structure for Supportive Living

Second Person: Add $822

Size    Type  Rate per Month
216 – 243 sq. ft.    Studio Suite   $1,788 – $1,809
307 – 313 sq. ft.    Medium Suite   $2,017 – $2,023
350 – 383 sq. ft.    Small Bachelor * $2,024 – $2,107
480 – 483 sq. ft.    Large Bachelor * $2,256
497 – 514 sq. ft.    Corner Double   $2,423 – $2,448
534 – 541 sq. ft.    Small 1-Bedroom * $2,453 – $2,562
644 – 648 sq. ft.    Large 1-Bedroom * $2,669 – $2,677

 * Indicates kitchen facilities.

Seton Villa accepts applications from persons aged 65 years or older, or in the case of joint applications, one of the two persons must be 65 years or older. Eligible applicants will be considered without regard to their sex, race, religion, national origin, political beliefs, gender identity, or ancestry.  For joint applications, please complete separate application forms.

Seton Villa Retirement Centre is owned and operated by Action Line Housing Society with the mandate to promote health, independence, and provide affordable living for seniors.

In keeping with our agreement with BC Housing, total annual income must not exceed Housing Income Limits (HILs) set by Government of Canada.  Priority will be given to applicants whose annual income is above Seton Villa’s minimum income requirement of $31,000 up to a maximum of $75,000.  Should the applicant’s income be below this, please provide Proof of Savings/Investments, or if you wish to help support the applicant, a Letter of Guarantor with your Notice of Assessment attached to the application will be required.  Consideration will be given to those with higher incomes only if there are no applicants who meet the BC Housing criteria.


Residents may be eligible for assistance through BC Housing. Applications are available at Seton Villa. Seton Villa staff assist with completion of resident applications and submit directly to BC Housing.