Board of Directors

The volunteer Board of Directors meets regularly to ensure that the mandate and mission of Action Line Housing Society and Seton Villa Society are being met in the best way possible. Board members come from all walks of life, and bring their interest, skills and expertise to the organization. They are active on Committees and meet regularly with residents to listen and take actions where needed.

Current Board of Directors

Zina Weston, President

Zina joined the board by invitation feeling this was an opportunity to give back to the seniors who built the community. Zina Weston is a retired real estate appraiser and a retired member of the Appraisal Institute of Canada. Zina has prior board experience with a community club, and currently chairs the strata council where she lives. Zina and her husband Rob have four grown daughters and seven grandchildren. Cooking, sewing and travel are her current hobbies.

Kelly Bosello

A long-time resident of Burnaby Heights, Kelly Bosello joined the Board in the fall of 2018. Kelly was seeking an opportunity to contribute to an organization in her community by combining the abilities developed in her professional background in counseling psychology and education, her personal experience with elderly individuals, and her interest in health and aging. In her spare time, Kelly enjoys spending time with family and friends and participating in outdoor activities.

Bob Davies

Bob has had the honour of serving on the Seton Villa Board since 1984 as a Director, President and currently Treasurer. He is married with two children and have lived in Burnaby for over 45 years. He is a Past President of Rotary and a retired businessman. Bob has operated several enterprises in the lower mainland involved in treatment and disposal of hazardous waste and most recently a printing business in Burnaby. He believes volunteers are the life blood of a vibrant community.

William Fung

William Fung grew up in Vancouver before returning to Hong Kong for a quarter-century. He recently returned with qualifications in accounting, internal audit, corporate secretaryship and governance. William had direct exposure to the elderly health and welfare support whilst living in Hong Kong. His late mother suffered with Alzheimer’s Disease and remained in elderly care for two decades. William brings an insight from that experience as a caretaker, in addition to his professional knowledge to serve the Board and the Society.

Valerie Hartney

Valerie Hartney is a lawyer and has been a proud resident of Vancouver Heights for over 35 years, having moved to the community in the early 1980s. Valerie has always been impressed by the existence of Seton Villa in the community, and of course the historic Over Lynn Mansion. Valerie joined the Seton Villa Board in 2014 as a means of contributing to her community by volunteering her time and expertise to assist Seton Villa in ensuring that the mission of promoting healthy, independent and affordable living for seniors in her neighbourhood continues. 

Eric Janes

Eric recently retired and saw involvement with Seton Villa as an opportunity to serve his neighbourhood community. He has been a resident of Burnaby Heights for the past 28 years. Eric joined the Board of Directors in the Fall of 2018 bringing an extensive 40+ years of experience in Human Resources and Customer Service. He also lives in close proximity to Seton Villa which brings a neighbourhood perspective to the Board.  Family, along with skiing in the winter and cycling in the summer keeps him active.

Josie Romeo

Josie is a 45 year resident of Burnaby and is in the Financial Industry.  She is very involved in the Community and is proud to have started as a volunteer at Seton Villa and now serve on the Board for just over 2 years.

Josie also serves on the Board of the Heights Merchants Association.  She enjoys spending time with her family and loves to collect Dessert Cookbooks and trying the recipes.  

Patty Sahota

Patty joined the board in 2018 and brings her extensive experience from the public sector, private enterprise and governance to Seton Villa. Patty is the Vice President of Community Engagement and Strategy for Aspen Enterprises, a division of the AP Group of Companies. Currently, Patty serves on the board of Westminster Savings Credit Union and has previously served on the Simon Fraser Board of Governors and Industry Training Authority. Patty is committed to Seton Villa’s vision of “promoting health, independence and affordable living for seniors”.

Barbara Spitz

Volunteers are the heart and backbone of society. Barbara wanted to use her experiences to serve the community. She has been on many community Boards including St. Michael’s Centre, Burnaby Family Life, Burnaby Arts Council, and was an elected School Trustee. Later she worked as a sports administrator, organizing membership, tournaments and leagues.

Barbara has been on the Seton Villa Board over ten years and now has the honour of being President. Burnaby has been her home for over 60 years, where she raised her three children, and now has four “perfect” grandchildren.